Type 3655

Portable noise monitoring terminal

A range of environmental noise monitoring terminals for short-term, unattended sound level measurement 24/7.

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The portable units continually assess real-time noise levels for projects requiring quick setup and independent monitoring.

The systems all contain a Type 2250 sound level meter and a rugged Type 3535 all-weather case for protection against outdoor elements and vandals. Several variations of the modular system have been created to make purchasing simple.

All of the portable monitoring terminals include a Type 4952 outdoor microphone, a microphone extension cable and a tripod for mounting the microphone. Space for a modem or router is available for real-time results and remote control of the unit from a PC.

The units are compact and lightweight for convenient carrying and transportation. For long measurement projects, extra battery power is provided by two Li-Ion batteries. DC power can be connected to the case contents and instrumentation.

Type 3655-A
This stand-alone unit based on the Type 2250-L sound level meter monitors broadband sound levels for a day of measurement. Data can be manually synchronized with a PC using Measurement Partner Suite BZ-5503, and then transferred to post-processing software such as Evaluator Type 7820 or exported to Excel.

Application licenses for Sound Level Meter Software BZ-7130 and Logging Software BZ-7133 are included. Frequency Analysis module BZ-7132 can be added as an option.

Type 3655-B
This stand-alone unit (based on the Type 2250 sound level meter with Enhanced Logging Software BZ-7225) provides additional noise monitoring functionality including automatic event detection, sound recording and CIC calibration checks for a day of measurement.

Data can be manually synchronized with a PC using Measurement Partner Suite, and then transferred to post-processing software such as Evaluator or exported to Excel. Licenses for Frequency Analysis Software BZ-7223, Enhanced Logging Software BZ-7225 and Sound Recording Option BZ-7226 are included. FFT Analysis Software BZ-7230 and Tone Assessment Option BZ-7231 can be added as options.

Type 3655-C
This terminal is for integration in environmental noise monitoring and management systems. Based on a Type 2250 sound level meter with Noise Monitoring Software BZ-7232, it functions as a general-purpose, permanent noise monitoring terminal but in a portable case rather than mounted on a tripod/mast/wall.

Its noise monitoring functionality includes CIC calibration checks, event detection and sound recording for a day of monitoring. The unit can be remotely controlled from a PC using our Sentinel environment monitoring service or ANOMS airport noise management system. Licenses for Sound Level Meter Software BZ-7222 and Noise Monitoring Software BZ-7232 are included.

Type 3655‐C‐DMO
This is a complete solution for shorter-term monitoring. Portable NMT Type 3655‐C‐DMO comes complete with tripod, router antenna and all accessories required for deployment. There is space for a suitable router and a Type 4231 Sound Level Calibrator (additional options). The NMT can operate off its own internal batteries for 32 hours (typical) with the router. In addition, it can operate off AC power or with external DC power.

All weather case
All‐Weather Case Type 3535‐A is a protective case for our noise measurement systems based on sound level meter Types 2250, 2250‐Light and 2270.