Type 3659

Noise Logger

Noise Logger reliably and continuously takes unattended sound level measurements.

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Noise Logger provides unattended noise measurements efficiently, accurately and reliably. With continuous, independent operation, the Noise Logger increases productivity while reducing operational costs.

Real-time noise logging is often required when planning new developments or showing regulatory compliance. These 24/7 assessments require sound levels to be measured over long periods of time in order to determine environmental impact.


  • Demonstrating sound level compliance
  • Complaint investigation
  • Gaining approval for a planned change or for operational licenses

The complete solution includes a one-person-operated, single unit that includes everything you’ll need to start operating right out of the box. It comes with an 18W solar panel that provides ongoing logging without expensive site visits to exchange batteries. It also includes a 32 Ah battery and 8 GB SD card, guaranteeing a minimum of six days of day operation regardless of season or weather.

The system is intelligently packaged for easy transportation and on site setup, and is designed to withstand the rigors of long-term outside use. With just one case, there’s no need to carry a separate tripod or microphone. It has no exposed cables and an integrated microphone mast that's wild-life resistant. It includes a Type 2250 sound level meter delivering Class 1 measurements and a Type 4952 outdoor microphone.

The Noise Logger is available as a complete system, with or without a router (Types 3659‐B* and 3659‐A, respectively), or as a kit for use with your existing Type 2250 family of sound level meters.

Noise Logger options include the Type 3659-UPG Upgrade Kit that enables you to use the sound level meter separate from the logger, and the Portable Environmental Sound Level Meter Protection Kit Type 3538 that includes the case and microphone for users already owning a Type 2250.

Noise Logger data can easily be transferred to our Measurement Partner Suite post-processing software or Sentinel environmental monitoring service. The logging system is based on our technology that's currently used by hundreds of airports worldwide in their outdoor, unattended noise monitoring systems.

solar irradiance calculator by location is available (external site).

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