Terminales de monitorado y registradores de ruido y vibraciones

Noise and Vibration Monitoring Terminals and Loggers

Noise and vibration monitoring terminals and loggers that measure levels via permanent, portable and mobile units.

Our noise and vibration monitoring terminals and loggers are ideal for continuously monitoring real-time levels to demonstrate compliance with regulations, manage activities and limit environmental impact.

The systems are available in permanent and portable configurations and can be remotely operated by our environmental monitoring and management software. 

Specifically designed for 24/7 unattended outdoor monitoring, the terminals and loggers accurately and reliably capture data. Each unit runs with little user attention, which reduces your total monitoring cost and decreases demands on your valuable time.

The systems optimize uptime, minimize data loss and ensure online access to measurement data and the monitor’s health. They are intended for use in all weather conditions for organizations with high degrees of noise and vibration exposure.

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