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Noise mapping and modelling software – Predictor-LimA

Environmental noise mapping, modelling, calculation and prediction software.

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Improve your noise mapping capabilities with Predictor-LimA’s powerful calculation speed and capacity. The highly flexible, state-of-the-art software quickly calculates massive volumes of data to increase users’ productivity and efficiency on a wide variety of projects.

Use scenarios

  • Noise mapping, modelling, calculating and predicting
  • Action planning and noise impact assessment for meeting requirements such as the European Environmental Noise Directive (2002/49/EC) and the IPPC Directive (2008/1/EC)
  • Multi-user environments to create and calculate noise models on multiple networked PCs (with only one user license)
  • Educational purposes

The highly versatile noise mapping software efficiently predicts environmental noise to save time and reduce investment in computing power. It’s been independently proven to have the fastest calculation cores for calculation of road and traffic noise. (See Euronoise papers.)

Predictor-LimA’s intuitive interface enables users to efficiently handle a variety of projects of any size. Powerful and straightforward GIS import and accurate 2D/3D modelling options enable you to efficiently handle projects, simplifying complex situations and saving time dealing with inconsistencies by ensuring reproducible results. Unique macros support efficient automation of geometrical processing to more easily and quickly make models.

The software is easy to learn. The intuitive interface and well-organized project structure guides and supports you, so you can focus on the project and not your software. With all scenarios and action plans within one project, you avoid time lost searching for correct files on the network.

Complex situations with undulating terrain, fly-overs, bridges and indoor/outdoor calculations, and large projects with hundreds of thousands of objects, can be set up just as easily as a simple noise map.


  • Accurate and intuitive noise modelling for complex situations
  • Time-saving integrated bookkeeping for model data and results
  • Powerful result analysis and what-if scenarios
  • Integration in environmental management, traffic management and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) as noise calculation core
  • Automated reverse engineering and instant noise maps using measurements
  • Automated workflows, including calculation, plots, etc.
  • Fulfilment of European Commission directives such as Environmental Noise Directive (2002/49/EC)
  • Fulfilment of the IPPC Directive (2008/1/EC)

The multi-lingual software fulfils numerous national and international standards. Its open architecture is highly customizable. This, in addition to its processing speed, enable easy integration with other tools – including third-party systems.

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