Sentinel Case Studies

Detailed case studies of the challenges facing our clients and our approach to solving it.

Sentinel noise monitoring at Austin Fun Fun Fun festival 

City of Austin – music festival

“The ability to get live data and share it with stakeholders helped manage our interactions with city officials as well as empower our city partners to assure surrounding neighbours that every effort was being made to properly monitor levels on a minute-by-minute basis and respond accordingly.” Bobby Garza, General Manager at Transmission Entertainment, creator of the Fun Fun Fun Fest

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Sentinel: Noise, vibration, dust and air quality monitoring for mining

Vale S.A. - mining near a local community

"Sentinel is flexible and simple to expand. We wanted to increase our monitoring and it was easy to include more terminals." Alexandre Coutinho, Environmental Analyst, Vale S.A.

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construction noise monitoring

Moorgate Shaft of the Crossrail infrastructure project – new rail linking London from west to east

“The alerts are essential tools to warn that we will breach maximum levels if we continue at same volume. The ability to listen to sound bites is very useful and helps us defend our corner when we get complaints about noise we did not create.” Karin Vickery, Environmental Manager C501/BAM Nuttall Kier JV

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Sentinel noise monitoring at Panum Institute


Panum Institute Science Tower – construction at the University of Copenhagen medical centre

“We chose Brüel & Kjær to provide noise monitoring because of their professional approach and for their simple and complete solution to noise monitoring.” Tomas Zeltner, CEO M.V.Z

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waste recycling noise monitoring

City of Seattle – urban recycling plant noise

“We set up the system in a matter of minutes and didn’t have to regularly check it was working since Brüel & Kjær took care of that as part of our service.” James Dasher, Seattle noise control specialist

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mining noise monitoring

Goldcorp – mining near a town

“The important thing is that if there is an unusually high noise event, or incident of dust or vibration, the monitors will track it and report it and the incident can be acted on.” Londie Cameron, Environmental Technologist, Goldcorp

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port noise monitoring

Port Metro Vancouver - reduce community impact

“By using the Sentinel managed service, we can turn more of our attention to core business activities.” Gary Olszewski, Environmental Specialist

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construction noise monitoring

London Borough of Richmond – construction noise

“The real-time web interface made the contractor aware that we had enforcement, and that we could use this should we need to go to court.” Chris Hurst, Principal Environmental Health Officer, London Boroughs of Richmond upon Thames & Merton

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short-term noise monitoring airports

Delta Acoustics – measuring airport noise

“I got the system, set it up, connected the power and went home to follow the progress from the office. After the project was done, I went back, took down the system and returned it. Very easy.” Erik Thysell, Specialist, DELTA Acoustics

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noise monitoring for mining

Tomingly Gold Mine - reducing impact on the local community

“We couldn’t just come and listen to the noise as it’s a six hour drive. Now we can remotely listen to the noise levels and advise.” Ken Schannell, Noise and Sound Services

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shale gas drilling noise monitoring

White paper: Managing the noise impact from shale gas drilling

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Eurocontrol nighttime noise monitoring

Solution Summary: Monitoring nighttime construction noise with Sentinel On Demand

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Ground-borne noise assessment for tunnelling works

Solution Summary: Ground-borne noise assessment for tunnelling works

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