Manage airport noise complaints with Viewpoint

A system for efficiently managing large volumes of aircraft noise complaints across multiple channels.

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Viewpoint helps airports effectively cope with increasing numbers of complaints. The web-based system reduces staff workloads by providing a simple way for the public to lodge inquiries that are automatically processed. It also supplies data ready for reporting, and delivers valuable insights to ensure decision makers and the community draw the right conclusions from trusted information.

Use scenarios

  • Aircraft noise complaint management
  • Large-volume airport noise complaints collection, integration and reporting
  • Maximize noise office efficiency

The system is based on our trusted ANOMS noise monitoring system, which has been used for decades at hundreds of the world’s busiest airports. It easily integrates with our ANOMS, NoiseDesk and WebTrak noise management and community engagement tools for additional functionality.

Viewpoint can automate complaints handling related to:  

  • Complaint to complainant – Accurately determine and maintain identity across multiple channels to reduce duplicate complainants and provide useful insights into complaints.
  • Complaint to flight – Based on the location and time of the complaint, the system identifies the flight most likely to have caused a disturbance.  
  • Lodgement confirmation – Automatic confirmation of complaint receipt.
  • Self-investigation – In conjunction with WebTrak, enable the public to self-investigate and determine the cause of a disturbance themselves.  
  • Freedom of Information requests – Complainants can access their own complaints history, removing the need to handle many requests and efficiently meeting information disclosure obligations.

The solution offers a wide range of ways to lodge complaints including a smart web form, automated complaints line, smartphone app, community apps and manual entry. It integrates data to identify multi-channel complainers and securely stores submitted information.

Building on the foundation of accurate data, Viewpoint ensures that decision makers get the right insights via the following:  

  • Reporting – Powerful tools to extract deeper understanding and deliver data to stakeholders  
  • Efficient investigation – For specific complaints, the system allows for enterprise-wide quick investigation and responses  
  • Dashboard – Enables decision makers to quickly identify and understand complaint trends