Cost-effective airport noise office services to expand your expertise and supplement scarce resources.

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Tap into our experts and maximize your operational growth by outsourcing your noise office services. Flexibly contract as much (or as little) support as you need, focusing in-house expertise on working with stakeholders rather than on the mechanics of running a system.

NoiseOffice's comprehensive suite of fully managed services include: environmental monitoring; data integrity, validation and backup; compliance reporting; noise modelling; and technology management and support. Ad-hoc services are also available.

Use scenarios

  • Fully managed, tailored noise office operational services
  • Traditional noise office maintenance and support services

Effective environmental management is critical for airports seeking operational efficiencies and sustainable growth. NoiseOffice’s services can provide insight into how well you’re operating, as well as deliver reports based on accurate, complete, validated, timely and easy-to-understand data.


  • Focus on core business by outsourcing system and data management
  • Extend noise office support into day-to-day operations
  • Reduce noise office staff workload
  • Limit capital investment and complex procurement processes
  • Access to specialist skills and experience

Enjoy peace of mind by knowing our trusted experts are taking care of everything for you. By outsourcing activities, you can decrease assets, reduce procurement processes and rapidly adjust services as needs change.

Our NoiseOffice experts use Brüel & Kjær’s trusted products that have been developed over 40+ years for airports of all sizes.