Airport noise monitoring simplified - NoiseDesk

A system to monitor airport noise and flight tracks to report regulatory compliance and improve community relations.

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NoiseDesk is an easy-to-use airport noise monitoring system that improves efficiency. The web-based service monitors sound levels and flight tracks to assess environmental impact and report compliance with regulations. It also delivers insightful information you can share with your community to show what’s really happening in your airspace.

Use scenarios

  • Noise monitoring and management
  • Flight track monitoring
  • Operational and air traffic control compliance reporting
  • Community engagement and complaints handling

Noise monitoring and management

NoiseDesk reliably monitors sound levels of all arriving and departing aircraft so you know your noise levels and can take prompt action when issues occur.

Flight track monitoring

The system automates procedure monitoring, allowing you to work with airlines to reduce community impact, as well as collect data for compliance reporting with minimal effort.

Compliance reporting

NoiseDesk comes with ready-to-use reports that automatically track data changes. Access compliance data at the push of a button.

Community engagement and complaints handling

The system provides an efficient and easy-to-use process for taking and responding to complaints. Record every community enquiry and automatically compile a response that identifies which aircraft caused a complaint. Analyze data over time to report on trends, and know exactly how operations are changing to help set community expectations and build understanding.

NoiseDesk assists airports whose noise abatement programs require:

  • Minimal noise office staff time
  • Minimal training or specialized expertise
  • No up-front capital investment
  • No equipment or system maintenance (as a hosted service, Brüel & Kjær takes care of everything)

Our Airport Noise Monitoring On Demand system easily integrates with NoiseDesk, enabling you to cost-effectively temporarily ramp up noise monitoring in areas that are – or will be – affected by change.

NoiseDesk is based on our ANOMS platform, which is used at more than 250 airports worldwide. The system uses international standards and best practices, offers an easy upgrade path to the full ANOMS system and seamlessly integrates with other Brüel & Kjær airport solutions.