Monitor airport aviation greenhouse gas emissions - AirTrak

A system for calculating airport aircraft carbon emissions to identify reduction opportunities and ensure accurate reporting.

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Know your airport’s greenhouse gas produced from every flight phase with AirTrak. The system easily integrates into our ANOMS environmental management solution to automatically leverage its flight track data.

Because AirTrak calculates carbon emissions from ANOMS’ actual flight tracks – rather than using averages or approximations – it more accurately estimates gasses produced. Its detailed breakdown of greenhouse gas sources provides insights that can be applied to improvement programs, including the potential impact of intervention by reduction activities.

Use scenarios

  • Gain deeper understanding of CO2 NOx and H2O emissions
  • Report credible airport-related emissions data to show the community you care about the environment
  • Improve operational efficiencies to reduce fuel burn and lower costs

Although airlines are directly responsible for aircraft emissions, it’s airports who deal with the issue with the community. Automatically assess your airport’s greenhouse gas production to know your environmental impact.

Include AirTrak’s credible emissions data in your corporate social responsibility reports to show improvement from mitigation activities and nurture your social license to operate.