NVH Simulator & Exterior Sound Simulator

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The NVH Vehicle Simulator from Brüel & Kjær revolutionizes the NVH process - it allows you to “drive your design”, to create virtual prototypes of your vehicle or component and to make better decisions faster without costly prototypes and testing. Through the use of a fully interactive driving simulator, along with a suite of integrated interactive engineering tools, the NVH Vehicle Simulator provides the means to make NVH decisions faster and to experience the NVH characteristics of the vehicle long before physical prototypes are available.

The Exterior Sound Simulator is the latest advance in vehicle sound simulation technology. Experience the sound of the vehicle as a pedestrian from the exterior. Evaluate Quiet Vehicle (Electric, Hybrid, alternative powertrain) sound in a variety of scenarios in a virtual environment for the purposes of detectability, sound quality and vehicle image. Design the exterior sound of Quiet Vehicles, including utilizing vehicle parameters such as speed, acceleration rate and even existing ambient noise. Experience the sound of any vehicle as an exterior observer, for use in, for example, exhaust sound quality design. The Exterior Sound Simulator enables the understanding, design and control of the exterior sound of the vehicle.

Learn all about the Simulator in this free one hour webinar.

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16 Oct 2017 11:00
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Dave Bogema