Noise Source Identification (Sound Power/Intensity)

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This course is recommended for those involved in the design and modification of quieter products, equipment and machinery. Sound Power determination is used in “Noise Control”, “Noise Prediction & Modeling”, “Acoustic Condition Monitoring” and “Environmental Noise Management” applications and it benefits those who have the responsibility to proactively reduce noise and its effect.

The objective of this course is to provide a thorough basis of knowledge for those new to the fields of sound power determination. The course gives description of sound intensity measurements including calibration, verifications (PI-Index), measurements, sound power determination and noise source identification (mapping). Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to perform Sound Intensity measurements correctly and check the indicators to confirm the validity of the measurement data to determine the Sound Power.

This course covers:

  • Basic Sound Parameters
  • Propagation of sound
  • Sound pressure / Sound power
  • Sound power determination using Sound pressure
  • Sound intensity fundamentals and theory
  • Sound Intensity System Calibration and Measurements
  • Noise Control Principles
  • The use of Sound Field Descriptors (Indicators)
  • Validity of Sound Intensity for Sound Power Determination
  • Noise Source Mapping, Location and Identification

Noise Control Officers, Product Design Engineers, Noise Consultants, Planning Engineers, Site Managers and Safety and Environmental Staff

Course details
Start time
03 May 2018 9:00
Registration deadline
30 Apr 2018
½ Day
Training course

Mr Fardad Ashari