4100 - Sound Quality Head and Torso Simulator

Manikin designed for recording in-vehicle noise for sound quality evaluation and testing. Also used for sound optimisation of consumer appliances, office equipment, power tools, marine equipment and heavy machinery.

The recorded signals from Types 4100 and 4100D can be modified using a wide range of time/frequency domain editing techniques using a sound quality software program and a PC. The modified signals can then be compared with the original in a listening test. If the modified signal is preferred, information on the changes in the noise can be used by the Product Designer to obtain – by physical changes – improved sound quality.


  • Recording vehicle noise for sound quality evaluation and testing
  • Recording noise from domestic appliances, office equipment, etc., for sound quality optimisation
  • Recording noise from sub-suppliers’ products and components to evaluate and optimise their sound quality
  • Evaluation of headphones, and hearing protectors where a blocked ear canal is desired
  • Binaural sound and music recording
  • In-vehicle NVH recordings using Sonoscout Type 3663


  • Directivity optimised for sound-image localisation
  • Type 4100 includes Falcon Range Preamplifiers Type 2669 L with CIC facility
  • Type 4100 D includes CCLD Preamplifiers Type 2671
  • High sensitivity, low noise, ½" Falcon microphones
  • IEEE P1451.4-capable transducers with TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet)
  • Manikin with surfaces and pinnae modelling the geometry of the average adult head and torso
  • ITU – T compliance with the acoustic requirements of ITU – T Rec. P.58, IEC 60318-7 and ANSI S3 36 – 1985, except for exclusion of the ear canal
  • Adjustable neck angle
  • Light and robust
  • Accredited calibration available
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