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Getting ready for the launch
What's the difference between launching reliable satellites or broken lumps of space-junk? The many different kinds of vibro-acoustic tests that simulate the final ride. 
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Keeping you up to speed ... PULSE 16.1 release
The latest version of our tried and tested analyzer platform is out, featuring a focus on ease-of-use and performance - living up to its position as the world's most popular analyzer platform.
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What should electric cars sound like?
Simulation can solve the surprising danger from quiet vehicles - as pedestrians no longer receive the vital aural cues they are used to. So will future electric cars emit a V8 rumble?
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Performing operational modal analysis on a helicopter
The method adopted by Brazil’s national military research centre for aviation and space flight, for identifying modal characteristics where only the output is known - on the ground and in the air.
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Huge solutions - Wind turbine gearbox test-stands
Using PULSE acquisition hardware, software, transducers and cabling, Burke E. Porter incorporates a complete sound and vibration system from Brüel & Kjær into their cohesive solution.
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